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All K–2 students are entitled to free bus travel. Primary students who live more than 1.6 km from the school are also entitled to free travel. At the beginning of each school year a two week change-over period is allowed for issue of new passes from the school office.

Students who catch buses in the afternoon, line up in the COLA and are supervised whilst boarding.

Bus routes

Route 317

8.50 am Departs Pacific Highway and Floraville Road 
9.00 am Arrives at school

3.21pm Departs school

Route 500 Tingira Heights

8.30 am Departs Camberwarra Drive 
8.45 am Arrives at school

3.09pm Departs school

Route 800 Camberwarra Drive via Tingira Heights

8.50 am Departs Camberwarra Drive 
9.00 am Arrives at school

3.10pm Departs school

To access timetables and maps of bus services that operate to and from Floraville Public School visit Newcastle Transport - Plan your trip - School services.

New applications for free travel passes, OPAL Cards, are made through the NSW transport website. Any enquiries or problems such as lost passes must be directed to Newcastle Buses Division Office, 93 Denison Street, Hamilton. There is currently a $15 replacement fee for lost bus passes.

For children not entitled to free travel, parents can purchase an OPAL pass through NSW transport.

To help ensure the safety and comfort of everyone on board, all students travelling on buses should follow a simple 'Code of Conduct', copies available from school office. Misbehaviour may incur penalties that include loss of free travel privileges.

Transporting students on school outings

Departmental regulations require that any driver transporting children on school outings by private car must adhere to the following rules:

  • The driver must be licensed.
  • The motor vehicle must be registered.
  • Current driver's licence and car registration details must be sighted by the school office staff prior to giving permission for students to be transported in the vehicle.
  • Written permission from the parent(s) of the student(s) being transported is obtained.
  • The number of passengers in the vehicle must not exceed the number of seat belts or in the case of larger vehicles, the number of passengers that the vehicle may be licensed to carry.
  • The driver must conform to NSW road rules at all times.
  • All drivers transporting students in private motor vehicles must have completed a Working With Children Check prior to the activity.

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